Use the programming button to select the files that have been downloaded onto a Riva Maptuner device in order to add to a watercraft’sECU. Will be able to see all downloaded maps, as well as the watercraft requirements for each particular map. Download asmany tunes as you want. Connect your RIVA Maptuner to the vehicle you’ve elected to upgrade and press the Programming button.You can upgrade as many vehicles as you have licenses for and do it as often as you like.

Home Service Application

Press the Service button to access the Service functions menu. Perform service functions that formerly were limited to dealers only.Your RIVA Maptuner makes it possible for you to perform many critical service functions at home. Diagnose check engine warnings,reset maintenance interval warnings, program Sea-Doo DESS keys, reset the TPS when installing a new throttle body, and more.

Data Logging Application

The MaptunerX Data Logger application is a powerful tuning tool. It allows you to record real time data directly in your Maptuner devicefor later review. The Data Logger can record any data that is monitored by the MaptunerX including input from outside accessorydevices.


The Monitoring function allows the user to view, in real time, the parameters of various vehicle sensors and systems. This can beuseful to diagnose starting and running issues as well as for performance tuning.